The coronavirus crisis has exposed just how fragile all our lives are.

Do we really want a return to ‘normal’, when normal was already broken for millions of people?
Or shall we take this opportunity to build a world that works better for everyone?
We have proof that alternatives are possible – the solution is anything BUT normal
Explore our ingenious work to build climate resilience and make farming work for smallholder farmers.

From vulnerability to resilience


Help communities thrive despite disasters and climate change

The changing climate has triggered an increase in extreme weather events, such as floods, earthquakes and droughts. It’s also causing long-term changes to weather patterns that are destroying livelihoods.

Locally owned, planet friendly solutions empower vulnerable communities so they can protect themselves, take back control and become more resilient.

With our help, communities are building green infrastructures and innovative warning systems and influencing local and national policies.

We want a world that puts climate action and peoples’ needs centre stage.

Where we don’t accept that vulnerability is normal and disasters are inevitable. But manage future risks, minimise their impact and adapt to the changing climate.

Please give today, to help build a world that works better for vulnerable communities.


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Making farming work


Bring big change to smallholder farmers

It’s ironic that the people who produce so much of the world’s food often go hungry. Three quarters of the world’s poorest people are farmers.

They are fighting a losing battle against climate change that causes floods, droughts and destroys crops. When the virus struck, planting and harvesting cycles were interrupted, meaning even tougher times ahead.

We know that improving farming is twice as effective as anything else in reducing poverty. That’s why we’ve pioneered ways to make farming more resilient, climate friendly and capable of providing small scale farmers with decent livelihoods.

The world needs a different food system that can secure food supplies for everyone. We’re helping farmers build that system. You can help. With your support we can continue and expand this work.

Please give today, to help build a world that works better for everyone.


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