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A Supper Club Success!

By Practical Action On 18.09.2023 Press release

Two people holding up a sign that says practical action at a Supper Club Success event.

Leyla Kazim, BBC travel and food presenter and Practical Action ambassador has hosted a supper club with Asma Khan, chef and owner of the Darjeeling Express.

This is the third time Leyla has teamed up with some of her favourite chefs to create one-off tasting menus to raise money for Practical Action.

Food inspired by our work

After finding out about Practical Action and our work, Asma was inspired by our partnerships with waste workers in Bangladesh and decided to do something different.

Usually, her cooking is themed around Indian cuisine but this time she put together an incredible Bengali menu – a major exclusive!

The knowledge and needs of informal waste workers are the catalyst for our work transforming rubbish collection in Bangladesh’s urban centres.

Together, we’re making cities in poorer countries cleaner, healthier, fairer places for people to live and work. In Bangladesh, we’re empowering informal waste workers to lead the way revolutionising how different types of waste are managed, including an innovative way of processing thin plastics.

A Supper Club Success! The menu is elegantly placed on a table beside a glass of wine.
A Supper Club Success! A group of women holding up a sign that says practical action.

A world of difference

A very generous £1,500 has been raised from the supper club ticket sales for Practical Action’s vital work. A huge thank you to everyone who bought tickets and attended. We hope everyone who helped to create this event and attended understands the world of difference they’re making to the communities we work with.

Leyla Kazim: “I couldn’t think of a better chef or location for this third Leyla and Friends Supper Club fundraiser in aid of Practical Action. For the fact that Asma has such a strong connection with Bangladesh with her family being from there and her knowing the cuisine so well. It was so fabulous that she got to showcase the food for this reason whilst raising as much money as we did. It was such a fantastic day!”

Asma said: “The work that Practical Action do in Bangladesh has an immediate impact on cleaning the land, sea and rivers of harmful plastics.

“It was wonderful to replicate my family Sunday brunch at the supper club. My maternal family are split between Bangladesh and India and the food we served centred their joint culinary heritage.”