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Saving seeds to boost harvests

By Practical Action On 06.01.2021 FarmingFood & agricultureinnocent foundation

We’re building long-term food security in Malawi with the innocent foundation.

Smallholder farmers across the developing world are struggling to grow enough food. Malawi is no exception.

But there is hope in the traditional Malawian practice of saving seeds from one harvest to replant next season.

The Farmer Saved Seeds Project is bringing agricultural scientists together with local farmers to identify traditional crops that are most resilient to the effects of climate change. From this bank of hardy saved seeds, we will work with local government to create better ways for farmers to produce and trade seed, and build long-term food security.

Initially, the project will help 750 farming families, but we hope to roll out this innovative approach to farmers across southern Africa.


“We’ve been really impressed by how quickly this project is making a difference. Practical Action’s requests have been adopted into the latest draft of national policy. In the community, over 450 farmers have received training, in a way that kept everyone safe from COVID-19.”

Ben Summers, innocent foundation director

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