Responding to new technologies

Practical Action works to enable poor women and men to assess and respond to the challenges of New Technologies such as ICTs, biotechnology and nanotechnology, and to develop and adopt applications that contribute to poverty reduction by:

  • Enabling poor women and men to assess for themselves the opportunities and threats to sustainable development presented by modern New Technologies;
  • Identifying and testing potential opportunities for poverty reduction afforded by the New Technologies;
  • Ensuring a pro-poor policy, regulatory and institutional environment for New Technologies that which the poor can themselves influence.

Under this aim, Practical Action Nepal is working in the sector of Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs). It has recently produced communication toolkits for development workers to disseminate their development messages effectively to their target group. Practical Action Nepal is also planning to create knowledge base and influence policies on the impact of new technologies on the poor.

Practical Action's programme aims: responding to new technologies

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