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Making ICTs respond to the needs of the poorest populations

In Practical Action we believe that information and communication technologies have the power to improve people's lives.

The New Technologies programme aims to demonstrate how Information and Communication Technologies can improve the quality of life in poor communities. The programme will also help the identification and monitoring of those new technologies that will have a potential impact on the development of poor populations in Latin America.

"When telephones were not available in Chanta Alta, we had to walk for two days to get to Cajamarca city. Chanta Alta was totally off the map; now we have a telephone and can communicate with our families outside our town. The InfoCenter, built with Practical Action's help, is a place where we can find access to telephone, internet and computer services. Also, we have implemented a small library for school students. At the InfoCenter I am providing training, either individually or in group."
-- Antenor Alva, Administrator of the Chanta Alt InfoCenter Rural Infocentres project, Cajamarca

For Antenor and his neighbours, technologies including telephone, radio and the internet can really make a difference, giving them communication, education, health and work opportunities. An internet link also provides opportunities for small scale producers to improve their livelihoods by accessing information on subjects including better crop production and processing methods.

So far:

  • We have implemented seven rural Infocentres, which give access to communication, information and entertainment to nearly 8,500 poor villagers.
  • Thousands of young people and micro-entrepreneurs have been trained in the use of ICTs to enable them to benefit from all the possible advantages of these tools in their daily activities.

For more information on our New Technologies programme in Latin America, please visit our Spanish language site, or an English translation (via Google)

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Practical Action's international New Technologies programme

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A Practical Action project on Information Systems for Rural Development, exploring how ITCs can help to reduce the isolation and to improve the communication between urban and rural areas. (Spanish language) Including Chilala (radiodifusoras rurales), Conectando los Andes (proyecto de telefonia rural) and Telecentro Infodes (Información para el desarrollo).

Local Voices in Peru
Practical Action Latin America are conducting a pilot project to analyse the viability of podcasting for the generation and diffusion of knowledge in poor areas of Peru. Podcasting is a method of publishing files via the Internet, allowing users to subscribe to a feed to receive new files automatically.

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