26-year-old mother of two Sushila was in her house when the earthquake hit. Heavily pregnant, she just managed to escape with her eight-year-old son Manish before their house collapsed.

Relief didn’t come for another week when she received tarpaulin sheeting to make an emergency shelter. During that time she had to dig through rubble to find food.

Her husband was working away and she was “sick with worry” as she was due to give birth. It was very difficult to get to hospital as landslides made the roads treacherous. However, she managed to get to hospital safely and gave birth to Sujan a month after the earthquake.

She now lives in a temporary shelter made of wood and corrugated iron and lives in constant fear of another earthquake.

Rebuilding Nepal

Thanks to your generous donations, Practical Action has helped provide shelter kits, food and water, sanitation facilities and access to electricity. Find out more about about life during and after the earthquake and what Practical Action is doing to help.

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