Millions of children’s lives were turned upside down by the Nepal earthquake in April 2015.

10-year-old Maya lives in the district of Gorkha – at the epicentre of the earthquake. Maya loves to dance and her favourite subject is English. Like many of her friends, she lost everything, including her home and is in constant fear of another earthquake.

When the earthquake hit, Maya was playing in the village. She ran, crying, as buildings came down around her, not knowing what to do. She was knocked to the ground in the chaos was treated by the medical team that arrived at the village a week later.

Surviving the earthquake was just the beginning of a long and difficult journey for Maya, her family and millions of others affected by the quakes.

Maya’s family had no food and she went hungry for a week – surviving on little more than tea. They camped out in an open field on the hillside away from the village and her school was closed for two months. The school (approximately one hours’ walk away) is now open but is only running some classes because most teaching staff have moved away. She now lives with her father in a temporary shelter made of iron sheets.

Rebuilding Nepal

Thanks to your generous donations, Practical Action has helped provide shelter kits, food and water, sanitation facilities and access to electricity. Find out more about about life during and after the earthquake and what Practical Action is doing to help.

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