At the time of the earthquake, Iman, aged 67, was with two of his grandchildren praying at the local temple – a short walk downhill from Ghyachok village.

“The whole building was swaying and started collapsing around me. I thought I was going to die. When I returned to the village I found my house was no longer standing and all my stored food was covered by rubble.”

For seven days he survived on little more than tea. He had no food of his own. After a week he managed to recover one sack of his grain and camped on a hill for four days.

Life has been hard for him, his family and his community ever since. His family were split up after the earthquake as some family members left the village to go to Chitwan where it is safer. They now have to keep in touch via phone and Iman is concerned about his family due to their finances and cost of living.

He also worries about the monsoon and winter approaching as he doesn’t know how to protect his family from these. He now lives in a temporary shelter.

Rebuilding Nepal

Thanks to your generous donations, Practical Action has helped provide shelter kits, food and water, sanitation facilities and access to electricity. Find out more about about life during and after the earthquake and what Practical Action is doing to help.

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