78-year-old grandfather of five Dal has lived in Ghyachok all his life, with his wife Nirmaya. He sustained a severe head injury during the earthquake which left him in a coma for three weeks.

Dal was grazing his two cows near his village when the earthquake struck. “The last thing I remember was being thrown up in to the air,” he said.

The trails were blocked by landslides so it took his family two days to find him lying amongst the rubble. Still unconscious, he was taken by helicopter to hospital and spent a further 11 days in a coma.

Dal is unable to continue farming due to the injuries he sustained. “I can’t walk or move like I did before,” he said. His wife and daughter help with his one remaining cow (the other was killed in the earthquake) and money is a constant worry.

His house completely collapsed in the earthquake and the family now live in an emergency shelter.

“I would like a new house but I don’t have enough money to do this,” he said. Dal still lives in constant fear of more earthquakes. “The aftershocks are still happening and for a few seconds the houses shake again. In all of my life I have never seen anything as devastating as the earthquake.”

Rebuilding Nepal

Thanks to your generous donations, Practical Action has helped provide shelter kits, food and water, sanitation facilities and access to electricity. Find out more about about life during and after the earthquake and what Practical Action is doing to help.

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