Nepal earthquake

28 April 2015

We now know that people we work with in three of our projects in Gorkha, Pokhara and Kathmandu have been badly affected and we are trying to get our staff out to assess the damage and work out how we can help.

We have allocated central funds to help with the relief efforts and are continuing to look at ways in which we can use our expertise, employing solar-powered off-grid electricity points and supporting efforts to provide clean water and sanitation. Zurich Insurance have also launched an appeal to help support our rebuilding efforts in the medium term.

Our staff have been able to communicate via email for the first time today (28 April), and many were in work today despite many continuing to sleep outside and a lack of public transport in the city.

Communications officer, Prabin Gurung said: “Today is the third night and still I am taking refuge in a nearby open space with hundreds of my neighbours. On the flip side, I am so amazed and grateful how one single disaster can bring everyone together.

“The people I share the shelter with are the ones I see quite often but don’t even bother to say “Hi” or “Hello” but now everything has changed. It has brought all of us together like a family; we share, food, water, tent, anything we could to help each other.”

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Nepal earthquake - latest news

A massive earthquake hit Nepal on 25th April. Practical Action are helping relief efforts on the ground. Find the most recent updates on the situation in Nepal and Practical Action's response here.

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Nepal earthquake - latest news

Most recent updates on the situation in Nepal and Practical Action's response here.

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Members of the media who would like to talk to our staff in Kathmandu should contact or call 01926 634510

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