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Your gift will support people around the world in tackling their toughest challenges. Adapting to and withstanding the worst affects of climate change. Harnessing the transformational power of clean energy. Improving sanitation and living conditions in overcrowded cities. Recovering from the long term impact of the pandemic. Please give whatever you can. Thank you.

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You decide how much you’d like to give and how often – either a regular monthly gift or a single donation.


You decide how much you’d like to give and how often – either a regular monthly gift or a single donation.

Together, we can help families in Nepal overcome a mountain of challenges.

Right now, climate change is destroying lives all over the world. For people living in the extreme environments of The Himalayas, it’s hitting particularly hard.

Farming on this terrain is tough, made even tougher by flooding, landslides and droughts caused by climate change. Crops regularly fail, and now the coronavirus pandemic is disrupting farming and closing down markets.

Women like Junmaya face a gruelling daily routine of hiking up and down a dangerous mountainside, transporting heavy loads of crops to sell or water to drink.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

With your support, families can find improved ways to farm despite the challenging climate, access markets safely, use solar technology to store water and create flourishing businesses.

Together, we can empower communities to turn the tables on climate change, and overcome the mountain of problems they face every day.

Support today


We believe in possible

We know that ingenuity can tackle the world’s toughest problems. We’ve worked with communities to prove it’s possible to:

  • Turn desert into lush fields in Sudan, so farmers can thrive despite climate change
  • Replant areas of rainforest in Peru, so coffee growers can succeed sustainably
  • Turn plastic waste into fuel in Bangladesh, cleaning up slums and rivers and creating jobs

It’s what we’ve been doing for over 50 years.

But we need to do more

People living in poor communities have never faced such a tough reality.

  • Climate change has caused an increase in devastating floods, storms and landslides. We can help communities avoid disaster.
  • Permanent changes to temperature and rainfall are making farming almost impossible. We can help farmers adapt and thrive.
  • The long term impact of coronavirus is pushing millions deeper into poverty. We can help create jobs, improve incomes and boost businesses.

You support will help make this possible.

Your gift will go further than you imagine

Regular support through monthly giving will:

  • Provide us with the predictable income we need to embark on ambitious long-term projects with communities around the world.
  • Allow us to pioneer innovative approaches that can be replicated elsewhere, by other development groups and governments.
  • Enable us to unlock grants from large donors, such as the UK Government and UN bodies.

Feel part of the change

You’ll feel involved and inspired by the work your support is making possible.

  • We’ll bring you uplifting updates from the communities we work with, our teams who work alongside them and our technical experts.
  • We’ll keep you up to date with the progress and some of the big global issues through email updates and our supporter magazine
  • You can delve into content on our website and join the conversation on our social media channels.

An organisation you can trust

We’re committed to the highest standards in fundraising, transparency and reporting.

For every £1 we receive in donations, just 9 pence is spent on fundraising. The remaining 91% is spent on charitable activities, including 1% on essential governance.

(2018/19 audited accounts, produced to Charity Commission norms).

We are trusted by the UK and overseas governments who fund some of our projects, along with major foundations, corporations and UN bodies.