We see a food production



Climate change is causing unpredictable weather patterns.

Seeds that used to grow now fail. Farming has never been so tough.

Farmers like Catherine in Zimbabwe struggled to grow enough to feed their families.

The hybrid seeds bought from local suppliers failed to grow in the ‘new normal’ weather conditions.

Practical Action has been helping with a clever combination of small changes that are making a huge difference.

Farmers are now saving and storing traditional varieties of seeds and swapping them at seed fairs so they can grow a broader range of crops.

Solar powered pumps are now watering fields and businesses and farming training is helping farmers to beat climate change. Catherine now enjoys two crops a year and has enough to feed her family, with surplus to sell at market.

Improving farming practices is twice as effective as anything else in reducing poverty. Practical Action’s approaches are helping hardworking farmers to transform their lives and livelihoods. With your support, we can help more farmers like Catherine to succeed.

Let’s create change that’s anything but normal. Where everyone has enough nutritious food and smallholder farmers earn a decent living. Where the world works better for everyone.

“As a mother and woman, I feel empowered. I am now finally secure. In my village I’m now well known for selling vegetables, people are always calling giving me orders.”

Catherine, Farmer, Zimbabwe