We see one small part of a solar irrigation scheme that’s rewriting life-stories.

Droughts caused by climate change means crop failures and hardship. Farming in Zimbabwe has never been so tough.

Farmers like Result Moyo struggled to grow enough to feed their families.

Their dry fields desperately needed irrigation, but the costs of diesel pumps and fuel meant this was beyond their reach.

Practical Action has been helping through the establishment of a solar energy supply that is powering up farms and businesses.

Crop yields have doubled or even trebled. For Result this means she has enough to feed her family, with surplus to sell at market. The money she earns is paying her children’s school fees and providing other essentials.

Improving farming practices is twice as effective as anything else in reducing poverty.

Practical Action’s approaches are helping hardworking farmers to transform their lives and livelihoods. With your support, we can help more farmers like Result to succeed.

Let’s create change that’s anything but normal. Where everyone has enough nutritious food and smallholder farmers earn a decent living. Where the world works better for everyone.

“We harvested four 50kg bags of wheat. This meant for the first time we had produced crops that we could sell and earn money for all we need at home.”

Result Moyo, Farmer, Zimbabwe