Kamala is more than

a farmer


She is a successful entrepreneur

Three quarters of the world’s poorest people are farmers. Facing climate change and coronavirus upheaval, farming has never been tougher.

Single mum Kamala in Nepal struggled to grow enough to feed her family and earn a decent living.

She needed to break the cycle of ‘normal’. She needed new skills and approaches and better farming and business knowledge.

Practical Action helped Kamala through training, support and improved irrigation systems. Today she’s a successful entrepreneur, with thriving vegetable crops and her own animal feed and supplies shop.

Kamala shares what she’s learned with other farmers, most of them women, teaching them about irrigation and how to improve vegetable crop yields.

Improving farming practices is twice as effective as anything else in reducing poverty. Practical Action’s innovative approaches are helping hardworking farmers to transform their lives and livelihoods. With your support, we can help more farmers like Kamala to succeed.

Let’s create change that’s anything but normal. Where everyone has enough nutritious food and smallholder farmers earn a decent living. Where the world works better for everyone.

“I learned how to cultivate vegetables. Now I have my own vegetable farm. I’m self-sufficient and I know how to use the right seeds and irrigation to get a good harvest. I sell vegetables I grown in nearby markets. I pass on my knowledge to others so that the whole community will benefit. My profession has change me from a sad person to one that knows any dream is achievable”

Kamala Joshi, 32, Leader Farmer, Bajura, Nepal