Krishi Call Centre nominated for WSIS global award

20 March 2015

The Krishi Call Centre in Bangladesh (our free phone agricultural helpline) has been nominated for a global award at the WSIS Congress. WSIS is the World Summit on Information Societies and part of the UN. Its aim is to promote the use of ICTs and new technologies to combat poverty. They have annual awards at their summit meetings – the next one being in Geneva in May.

The Krishi Call Centre (which received 10,000 calls in December) is nominated in category of promoting access to information and knowledge. It is particularly strong because of the partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture on Bangladesh.

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If you are in Bangladesh you can contact the Krishi Call Centre on 16123.

Krishi call centre, Bangladesh

The Krishi call centre offers real-time advice on farming issues in Bangladesh. This is an initiative of Practical Answers.

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