Unleashing agriculture potential in mid and far-west Nepal

The mid and far-western Nepal is positioned in an utterly challenging geographical landscape with limited access to knowledge and infrastructures. People whose major source of livelihood is agriculture and livestock are unable to harness their production potential. As a result of mass labour migration to gulf and India and owing to many social issues, livelihood, food security and life expectancy seems fragile here. BICAS project has worked in five districts of this region: Bajhang, Bajura, Kalikot, Jumla and Mugu benefiting more than 7,000 such farming population in combating some of the systemic challenges agriculture is facing. Some of the experiences and learning captured during BICAS’s term is worth sharing. This learning document encompasses some key learning and experiences in commercialisation of goat, vegetable, spice and NTFP sub-sectors.

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Issue Date 2019-01-25
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