Tomato Production: Technical Guidelines

Tomato production guide would be very beneficial to the aspiring tomato farmers who want to start their farming practices or the farmers who are already involved in tomato farming in Zimbabwe. One can also use it as a farming resource if the case applies to any other similar regions. The technical brief contains tomato growing technique that can be used by individuals, enterprise and community farming groups to enhance their tomato farming. If you are considering to become a commercial tomato farmer and thinking of how to grow tomatoes commercially, then it is very crucial to think of your market along with the assessment of your resources. The tomato production guide will provide you with assistance on the best time to set out tomato plants by sharing the knowledge of tomato growing calendar that you can use for your tomato farming. This guide will also provide you with the knowledge of tomato seeds on where to set out tomato plants while you will also learn the optimum practice of preparing the land for tomato farming so that you won't overgrow your tomatoes. Transplantation is a critical stage while producing tomatoes as the length of the tomato plant increases which eventually reduces the expense for the production. It also decreases the risk of injury to tomato due to chilling. Sowing the tomato seeds: There are various steps while sowing the plant that includes planting, watering, mulching and weeding which ensures the healthy growth of the tomatoes. Watering tomato seedlings: For a healthy tomato to grow, it is essential to water it until transplanting which will consistently make it hard before transplantation of tomato seedlings. Tendering the crop: It is very crucial to tender the plant while it grows to prevent it from loss due to illness. Three methods can be used to trellising the plant that can be adapted accordingly. You can download the tomato production guide to help you and your community for better practices and results in tomato farming.

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Issue Date 2010
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