The Kenya Charcoal Policy Handbook

Policy Innovation Systems for Clean Energy Security (PISCES)was a five-year research project funded by the Department for International Development (DFID) of the United Kingdom (UK), being implemented in Kenya, Tanzania, Sri Lanka and India. The purpose of the project was to increase available knowledge and understanding of policy relevant trade-offs between energy, food and water security for livelihood; in relation to bioenergy. Charcoal is a key bioenergy resource in Kenya, providing domestic energy for 82% of urban and 34% of rural households. The charcoal industry also creates jobs for wood producers, charcoal producers, transporters and vendors. The industry employs over 700,000 people who support over two million defendants, yet it had received a negative image and remained informal for a long time, thus limiting its ability to attract investment and to operate optimally and sustainably.

Collections Energy Fuels and Engines Practical Answers United Kingdom
Issue Date 2011
Format Policy Paper
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