The Concept Peace Committee: A Snapshot analysis of the concept peace committee in relation to peace building initiatives in Kenya

Over the years, pastoralists and agro-pastoralists communities in Kenya have endured a myriad of problems ranging from socio-economic marginalization to severe and frequent conflicts over natural resources. Of these problems afflicting these segments of populations, conflict has been singled out as the main bottleneck to the development of these rangelands that accounts for over 80% of total Kenyan land mass. Peace activists have been quick in blaming the government for failing to protect its citizens as well as their properties. It has been pointed out more often than not that the state is either unwilling or incapable of securing the safety of its citizen, their properties and national borders. Out of this realization and in their own volition, communities in conflict prone areas have resorted to their own community riven efforts to prevent and manage conflict between them and their neighbours including those in the neighbouring countries.

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Issue Date 2006
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