Practical Action Consulting International - Productive Use of Energy Overview

Using our local knowledge, Practical Action Consulting focusses on bringing new value into communities by helping local businesses and entrepreneurs gain access to external markets for energy-enabled products and services. Our years of experience, and our combined expertise in both the energy and agricultural space, have helped us develop competencies including: market assessment and value chain analyses; designing and developing inclusive business models to scale-up energy access and its productive use; providing support to local entrepreneurs on business development and facilitating linkage with financial and equipment service providers. Directly related to productive use of energy (PUE), we have technical, social and economic expertise on business model innovations, quantitative and qualitative field research; socio-economic analysis; needs assessments, technology evaluations and feasibility studies; and institutional and organisational development. This document provides an overview of PAC's PUE portfolio.

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Issue Date 2021-05-24
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