Practical Action Consulting International - Mini-grids Overview

Practical Action Consulting (PAC) has been involved in decentralised renewable energy mini-grids for more than 20 years and has extensive experience in helping to deliver mini-grid projects based on sustainable, inclusive business models that enable financial sustainability and scalability. We are skilled in working with the private sector, local governments and engaging communities not only to increase their level of energy access but also to empower them to increase their productive use of energy and improve their livelihoods. We have expertise in innovative business models, tariffs, affordability, policy and regulatory frameworks and we understand the local context. We recognize how fast the technology, financing and policy landscape in this area is changing, and we offer solutions that provide long-lasting benefits and impact to the communities we work with. This document provides an overview of PAC's work in mini-grids.

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Issue Date 2021-05-24
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