POSAN - Empowering the far west

Practical Action with financial support of the European Union has initiated Promotion of Sustainable Agriculture for Nutrition and Food Security (POSAN FS) project directly targeting 7,000 households including 20 per cent dalit and 50 per cent women from Achham, Bajhang, Bajura and Doti Districts. The project started on 1 April 2014 will last until 31 March 2017. The overall objective of the action is to contribute to enhance regional food and nutritional security articulated in the periodic and multi sector nutritional plan of the Government of Nepal. The specific objective is to improve food and nutritional security of 7,000 food insecure households in project districts. The project aims to achieve the following impact by the end of project period: At least 7,000 food insecure households, predominately women, dalits and janajatis living in the remote mountain communities, double their income through the increased quality and production of goats, vegetables and spices. Infant mortality is reduced and the nutrition of children under three years of age is improved as a result of access to better quality vegetables, meat and the establishment of farmstead gardens. Farmers are accessing well-coordinated, well managed market chains, through satellite points and collection centres. They are also receiving up-to-date market information services.

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