Educational Wooden Toys EWT001 Threaded Shapes A3

Part of the set of Educational Wooden Toys developed by Tim Godwin, the consultant for the Sri Lankan toy project in establishing the local production of educational pre-school toys. More details of the Project can be found in the Case Study Educational Wooden Toys in Sri Lanka by Tim Godwin and Marjorie Wright, available from Practical Action Publishing, The Threaded Shapes comprise of a circle, triangle and square that can be pushed through the appropriate holes in a wooden disc. The wooden shapes are painted in bright colours, varnished and then threaded so that the smaller pieces do not get lost.Affiliation:Practical ActionIssue Date:Nov-1983 URI: DrawingLanguage:en Appears in Collections:Wood and Bamboo Full metadata record All Items in infoHub are protected by copyright, with all rights reserved, unless otherwise indicated.

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