City garbage recycler’s self-help group

The City Garbage Recyclers Self Help Group was started in 1996. The group was formed by residents in the Maringo estate who were concerned with waste dumping in the area. Their mission is to reduce, reuse, and recycle solid waste to help con¬serve their environment. The group focuses on organic farming, in addi¬tion to workshops and seminars that educate people on solid waste man-agement. Their office in the Maringo estate also currently houses the Plas¬tic Recyclers SACCO Ltd. office. Activities The City Garbage Recyclers’ primary activites include composting, producing charcoal briquettes, and offering training workshops to local groups. Organic farming and composting: The City Garbage Recyclers provide assistance for small-scale farmers on organic farming. They work both in and around Nairobi. In their office in the Maringo estate, the group collects and sorts organic waste from local markets. Certain parts of the waste are used directly in composting while other parts are used to feed the goats and rabbits which the group keeps.

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