Annual Highlights 2013-2014

Once again, Practical Action - Eastern Africa is celebrating the impacts it has made in 2013-14; we are proud to report that our activities have enabled many poor people in the region to use technology to fight poverty. We delivered benefits to about 100,000 people through our three goal areas of (1) Universal Access to Energy (known as Energy Goal); Food Agriculture and Disaster Risk Reduction (FADRR Goal); and Urban Services: Water, Sanitation and Waste Management (commonly referred to as the Urban Services Goal). Our work was informed by the diverse needs and interests of women, men, youth and children. We responded deliberately to the most vulnerable and marginalised communities living in informal urban settlements like women, girls, youth and tenants. We extended reach to pastoralists living in rural hard to reach areas like Turkana and Mandera counties whose lives are constantly at risk due to the impacts of climate change in the region. In Energy, we continued to champion for access to cleaner, off grid renewable energy options using solar, micro hydropower, wind and bioenergy such as improved cooking devices. Our main technology focus during the year was on briquette production as an alternative fuel for household and institutional cooking. We facilitated the development and testing of improved briquetting technologies using high impact extruders for briquette production and downdraft kilns for carbonisation of coconut waste. Consequently hundreds of entrepreneurs have acquired knowledge and skills on the technology behind producing briquettes and are now able to produce quality briquettes and market them widely. As they earn from the briquetting, we are also protecting our trees and cleaning the environment.

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