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Janathakshan.net was awarded the e-Swabhimani award from the ICT Agency of Sri Lanka

Producer's Description:

www.janathakshan.com is a unique web portal designed in all three languages; many people have contributed their valuable time updating practical questions and answers, a one of a kind website for Sri Lankans. The content is rick in areas of livelihood, fishers, farming and urban development. Viewers can sign up for the newsletter sans a registration fee, become a member of the various e-groups and get involved in the discussion forum. The motivation for this project is service and social responsibility.

Juror Evaluation:

ICT has an important role to play in the lives of poor people through enhancing their access to a wide range of information - helping to improve the organisational effectiveness; providing access to knowledge, through agricultural extension or health information services, or distance learning and more. ICT can also help them access real time information on impending disasters and thereby reduce risk and vulnerability to natural disasters and food shortages. It further supports strengthening or connectivity and contact for geographically disparate households and social networks.

Janathakshana - Practical Answers has directly targeted these vulnerable groups in our society. It provides them a platform through which they can interact, post their queries and get practical answers in whichever language they are most comfortable in. The result adds value to the livelihood of people. It is simple, but effective technology which can have significant impact.

Janathakshan is your first port of call for technical and development information. Did you know that Janathakshan provides free of charge, technical and developmental information sought by grassroots development workers, community-based organisations, NGOs and other agencies using appropriate technologies to implement sustainable development. Find out more about Janathakshan.

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