Increasing the resilience of poor communities to cope with the impact of climate change

Project location:  Gaibandha District.
Targeted beneficiaries: 10,000 Women and Men
Project end: October 2007
Supported by: Allachy Trust

The aim of the project was to bring together issues of poverty reduction, environmental and natural resources management, disaster risk reduction and climate change.

The project had three main components:

  • To strengthen the capacity of communities and government and non government supporting institutions to prepare and respond effectively to future climate-induced emergencies
  • To develop and promote practical (technology based) interventions to strengthen peoples livelihoods and natural resource assets.
  • To promote the engagement of vulnerable communities in decision making processes on climate related adaptation strategies in order to influence policy change and increase self sufficiency.

Project purpose and outcome

The project aimed to increase the resilience of poor people to cope with, and adapt to the impacts of climate change. This was achieved through strengthening the capacity of vulnerable communities to prepare for and adapt to changing and extreme weather conditions.

Outcome 1 Community based disaster preparedness plans
Outcome 2 Sustainable technologies for natural resource management, water conservation and agriculture implemented
Outcome 3 Capacity support institutions, local and regional stakeholders strengthened to incorporate community based climate change mitigation strategies into development planning and natural resource management strategies
Outcome 4 Changes effect in policy and practice at local, regional and international levels to support community based climate change adaptation measures

This project was part of Practical Action Bangladesh's Reducing Vulnerability programme.

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