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...beautiful images from Practical Action

Images from Practical Action's projects around the world, helping poor people use technology to improve their lives. All images can be used by teachers and students for educational purposes. If you would like to use them for any other reason please do contact us.

STEM images

Images to help pupils identify the STEM principles behind essential technologies in the developing world

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Technology Justice

Top Ten pictures showing technology justice in action

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Images showing the traditional costumes worn by people living in developing countries.

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Images showing a variety of ways people and food are transported in developing countries.

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Climate change images

Images showing the effects of climate change and climate change adaptation in developing countries.

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A selection of images showing the recycling process in developing countries, and examples of recycled products

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Images of plants from developing countries with descriptions of their use

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Images showing different farming techniques used in developing countries

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Water and sanitation

Images of projects Practical Action are involved in around the world addressing issues of water and sanitation.

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Renewable energy images

Images showing renewable energy projects in action in developing countries

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Global Goals images

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