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We raised Hosne Ara's home. Now her family feel secure.

Hosne Ara lost her home nine times.  Imagine how it must feel to lose everything you own, again and again.  Now, with help from Practical Action, she and her family have a safe home raised above the flood level and are facing their future with confidence.  Her eldest son is even able to go to school.  

Raising a home saves lives.  You could help another family like Hosne Ara's.

How does flood proof housing work?

We are doing everything we can to save families from a lifetime of poverty. By harnessing simple technology to build specially designed flood-proof houses on raised platforms, a family can live in safety - out of reach of the floods. 

Practical Action is working with local communities to construct a 'cluster village' of flood proof houses.  Houses like this are built on a 6 foot raised plinth, which are made from bricks, cement and the local sandy soil. This raises a family’s home above the area’s highest recorded flood level and provides a foundation that is strong enough to last through repeated floods – unlike traditional earthen floors, which simply get washed away.

We need support from you so we can offer the same protection to help more people like Hosne Ara survive the floods.

Find out more about this work

Flood resistant housing

Simple design changes improve houses enough to be unaffected by flooding and resulting dangers to livelihoods

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Floating gardens

Water hyacinth is collected to construct a raft, which is then covered in soil to enable farmers to grow food on flooded land

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Other ways to give

Get involved

There are many ways to take Practical Action and support our work, from sponsored bike rides, walks and runs to online campaigning and social media.

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Practical Presents

Buy a Practical Present - charity gifts that make a difference

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Where your money goes

For every £1 that you give, 83p goes directly into our operational programmes, 15p is used to generate future revenue so our projects can help even more people, and 2p goes towards statutory management and admin.

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