Health and infrastructure services

Access to Infrastructures Service programme

Goal 3: Poor women and children are healthier, as a result of improved infrastructure services in their households or streets.

Smoke hoods like these can help to reduce indoor air pollutionPoor women and children often benefit the most from better technologies and processes used within the house or in their immediate living environment. This goal broadens Practical Action's successful influencing and lobbying work on indoor air pollution into other sectors such as on-site sanitation, water treatment and storage, and safe, clean housing. We need to raise awareness and facilitate access to funding so households can choose the improvements that will make the biggest difference to them.

By reducing environmental health risks caused by poor hygiene and sanitation, dirty environments and unsafe water, the illness and mortality rates from respiratory infections, diarrhoea and other diseases will be reduced. Many of these interventions will be introduced at the household level, however some actions need collective advocacy and influencing at the neighbourhood, town or national level.

Project work

Recent project work under this programme includes:

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