For the children living in the slums of Kisumu, Kenya, growing up in a place where the streets are filled with human excrement is a way of life.

Young, vulnerable children are enduring regular bouts of diarrhoea, simply due to inadequate access to clean water. Your support today will help to change this.

Due to the lack of clean water and sanitation, young children suffer from the potentially fatal effects of diarrhoea.

Some of them die.

Frequent bouts of diarrhoea and sickness in childhood affect physical and cognitive development and limits the body's ability to absorb nutrients, causing malnutrition.

As a result, 1 in 4 children in Kisumu has stunted growth.

It doesn’t have to be like this.

The solution exists and it’s simple – hand-washing!

When children have clean, safe water to wash their hands, the spread of bacteria is reduced.

Now it’s time to ensure crucial long term change, so that everyone in the community understands the importance of hand-washing.

Your community can help make a lasting difference!

Your donation today will help us to prevent the spread of disease and diarrhoea in Kisumu.

With support from your community, we will bring clean water, hand-washing facilities and hygiene education to children in Kisumu.

Let's work together to transform the lives of children in Kisumu... for good!


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Service outline

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UK Aid Match

Donations made between 8 November 2017 and 8 February 2018 have been doubled by the UK Government. 

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