Global learning in science: Scotland

The new science curriculum in Scotland offers a real opportunity for teachers to enhance pupils’ learning by the integration of global issues in their teaching. Teaching in a global context, using methodologies that encourage discussion and debate,coupled with an enquiry based approach, not only engages and motivates pupils butdeepens their scientific knowledge and understanding.

This document identifies areas within the BGE and National Courses curriculum where global contexts can be used can be used as the starting point or focus of a lesson. It gives example of resources available from Practical Action, including both teaching materials and links to secondary sources such as technical briefs, blogs and videos.

An updated version with our new material  including the plastics challenge, global upd8s and  #techjustice in action videos will be available shortly.

Scottish science curriulum


Many thanks to Gemma O'Neill from St Margaret Marys Secondary School in Castlemilk, Glasgow who helped put this document together.

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