Links to the UK science curricular

The science curriculums in the UK offer real opportunities for teachers to enhance pupils’ learning by embedding global issues in their teaching.

Global learning is not just about the context, it is about using methodologies that encourage discussion and debate, thereby developing pupils' critical thinking. Within science It both engages and motivates pupils as well as deepening their scientific knowledge and understanding.

These documents show how global learning can be linked to the difference science curricula in the UK and give examples of  Practical Action's teaching resources and other materials that can be used to support delivering science lessons.


Global learning in science: England

The aims of the new science national curriculum in England emphasize the importance of teaching in context and helping pupils understand the uses and implications of science in the world around them.

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Global learning in science: Scotland

The Broad General Education (BGE) and National courses for science aim to ensure that all pupils are helped to answer scientific questions about the world around them and understand the uses and implications of science, today and for the future.

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Global learning in science: Wales

The new national science curriculum for Wales focuses on the development of pupils' skills, knowledge and understanding in a range of contexts, which makes it well suited to global learning.

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Global learning in science: Northern Ireland

The revised Northern Ireland curriculum  offers a real opportunity for teachers to enhance pupils'  learning by the integration of global issues in their teaching. The curriculum Document states that: ' the learning opportunities provided through the Northern Ireland...

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Science and Global Citizenship

This short guide explains the benefits of a global citizenship approach to science and has practical ideas for implementing it in topics such as water, energy and ecosystems.

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