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Imagine working so hard each day, your hands are left aching and sore. But no matter how hard you work, you never earn enough money to provide for your family. This is the life of a hardworking carpenter from Malawi, called Eraus. With electricity he could use power tools to make three times as many doors – and triple his income.


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Harnessing a river’s energy
Transforming a community’s future

Electricity will never come to Usingini in northern Malawi. It’s far too remote. So the community is generating life-changing electricity themselves. By building an ingenious micro-hydro power scheme, they’ll have clean, renewable electricity. It means Eraus could improve his business by working more efficiently, employ local people and create a better life for his family and others in his community.

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“I specialise in making wooden doors. There is a lot of demand for my work but I can’t keep up with it because making the doors by hand is so time-consuming. I worry that if I don’t get electricity here I will fall further behind and lose more business.”
Eraus Nysulu, Carpenter, Usingini