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Fundraising Ideas

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Whether you’ve got an idea or are seeking inspiration, we’d like to say a big thank you for being here. From raffles to fun runs there’s more than one way to raise money, so make it something you’ll enjoy, find inspiration here, and then get planning. Any amount you raise has the power to fight poverty – read on for plenty of unique fundraising ideas!


Creative Fundraising ideas

Birthday fundraiser – raise it in celebration

If you’ve got a birthday, anniversary or any big milestone coming up, ask your friends & family to celebrate the occasion by donating to Practical Action. Unwanted gifts? Add them to a clear out (see below).

You can also set up a fundraiser on Instagram or Facebook in celebration of a special event (find out how to set up a social media fundraiser here).

Charity Car wash – raise it with a clean-up

Bring out your sponges and chamois leathers and roll up your sleeves for some good clean fun. You could ask your local school, church or community centre to use their car park.

Vegetable growing challenge – raise it with green shoots

A longer-term challenge for any gardeners; what about a challenge with other gardeners or allotment owners to grow the biggest pumpkin, and then a pumpkin carving contest at the end?

Adrenaline Challenge – raise it high and fast

Fuel your thrill while giving back! Find a local zipline centre, and get sponsored to take flight for a good cause.

Solo Fundraising ideas

Sell your old clothes – raise it with a clear out

Turn your rags to riches by selling them online, using platforms like Vinted, eBay and Depop, then donate your profits. Or give a car boot sale a try.

Sponsored run / hike / bike-ride/ dance – raise it with a challenge

Sweat and fundraising go hand in hand, so if you love to push yourself, then a hike, a run or even an all-night dance-a-thon could be right for you.

Remember your loved one – raise it in memory

You might want to honour someone that’s no longer with you by creating a Tribute Fund on our website to donate in their memory, or organise a funeral or memorial collection. Either one can be a meaningful way for friends, family and colleagues to share stories, music and photos, and light candles in memory of a special person, while delivering a message of hope to those who need it most.

Give something up – raise it with willpower

Ready to kick a bad habit? Get rewarded for quitting – get sponsored or donate the saved money by ditching the coffee, sweets, or whatever else is holding you back!

School or Work Fundraising ideas

Lunchtime gym session – raise it with colleagues

Fundraising activities are a great way to get to know your colleagues in or outside of the office, while raising vital funds. A lunchtime sponsored gym session, yoga session or run helps to break up the day!

Matched funding – raise it in partnership

You could ask your employer to match donations if they have a Matched Giving scheme or similar program. Or you could make even more of a difference by suggesting a corporate partnership with Practical Action, like this partnership with Riviera Travel.

After-work (talent) night – raise it on the mic

Want to coax out the hidden talents of your workmates? What about a talent night or simply a sponsored karaoke session?

School fundraising challenges – raise it in the classroom

From the ‘Squashed Tomato Challenge’ to ‘Farmers Footsteps’, our brain-boosting schools resources also make ideal fundraising activities for students interested in STEM.

Two women, one young and one adult, smiling and holding a large ceremonial check for £250 to Practical Action.

Dress-up / non-uniform day – raise it in style

Create a dress-up theme in your school or office to raise funds and have fun with your costume.

Community and Event Fundraising ideas

Host a gaming night – raise it with masterminds

Run a quiz, host bingo or even a game show to test the brains of your friends and family. Local pubs are often looking for people to host.

Bake sale – raise it ‘Bake-Off’ style

Cake is always a crowd pleaser. You could host a coffee morning, or hold a baking competition for friends or colleagues.

Supper club – raise it in good taste

Host a dinner party for a cause – cook a delicious meal (or theme a potluck) and invite friends to donate for a seat at your table. It’s a fun way to raise money and connect over a delicious meal.

Wedding list – raise it in celebration

Rather than ask for physical gifts for your wedding, you could ask people to donate to Practical Action to support people on the front line of poverty and climate change.

What’s next: Planning your fundraising

One you’ve picked your ingenious fundraising idea, you’ll need to prepare for your activity. For all the tips you’ll need on proper planning, how to spread the word, and the different ways you can actually collect money (as well as things to watch out for in terms of keeping your fundraising safe and legal), visit our fundraising page to download a copy of our free guide.

Leyla Kasim at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, fundraising for Practical Action


Thank you for getting involved!