Fundraising with a group, church or club

Join your community to raise money

Charity fundraising with a group, church or club is a great way to raise money and grow closer to your community.

Join our army of fundraisers making a difference across the UK and around the world. Your support will help more poor communities have better access to water and sanitation, be able to be safe in the knowledge that they can provide enough food for their families, have access to energy, and to be able to protect their families and homes in times of flood or drought.

We have a range of service outlines and ideas for churches, along with downloadable resources to go with each one.

There are all sorts of fundraising events you can organise with your church or club, from bake-offs to barn dances. Alternatively; your group could participate in a challenge event, such as a race or cycle ride; tests of endurance are always less daunting with others by your side! Email

Are you local to South East London or Glasgow? We have community groups in your area!

Contact our fundraising team

Please get in touch to let us know what you are planning, if you’d like further information or if we can help in any way.

Thank you for considering to support us in this way.