Kaushi Thapa faces a dangerous and physically demanding journey. She does it carrying a basket that weighs the same as her own body.

Kaushi lives in a remote village, high in the mountains of the Far Western region of Nepal. She makes this back-breaking journey around seven times a month, to take produce to market to sell, and bring back essentials for her family. This way of life is placing a terrible strain on her, but she has no choice as she needs to feed and provide for her family.

Tough terrain needs clever thinking
With a Gravity Goods Ropeway, the force of gravity is used to move heavy loads down the mountain, at the same time as propelling lighter loads back up. We’ve seen this simple solution work wonders in other communities, and we know the benefits it can bring, but we can’t do more without your help.

Helping people like Kaushi
Being able to make the journey without the heavy load is so much quicker and safer for women like Kaushi.

With the time saved, she can tend to her crops and livestock, giving her a better harvest, allowing her to earn much needed income from selling any surplus.

How a gravity ropeway works (click for larger version)


A gift from you could help reduce hunger and poverty for the poorest and most vulnerable families. Donate today.

Watch the Gravity Goods Ropeway in action

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