Floating Garden Challenge - Welsh

A STEM Challenge addressing how food can be grown on land that is flooded in Bangladesh

A fun hands on investigation suitable for KS 2-5 (age 7-19) pupils

The problem: as a result of climate change there is more rain in Bangladesh than ever before.  Land where farmers used to grow their crops is now flooded on a regular basis.  The result is families go hungry.

The challenge: to design and build a model structure that will enable farmers to grow crops even in an area that may become flooded.

The challenge can provide a focus for National Science Week, be used as a STEM or science club activity, enhance a lesson on floating and sinking, form the basis of an enrichment day, provide an activity for SEAL and PLTS and be the starting point for a range of cross-curricular activities.

This activity is accredited by the British Science Association as suitable to count towards a CREST Star, SuperStar or Discovery Award. For more information about the scheme please visit their website.

Please request one of our full A2 posters (UK only) or download below

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Teacher's notes - Welsh

Poster - Welsh

A poster to show pupils how people in Bangladesh build a floating garden

PowerPoint - Welsh

PowerPoint notes - Welsh

Starter activity image sheet- Welsh

A starter activity for pupils to prompt discussion based om images around changing weather patterns causing flooding and drought.

Pupil Worksheets - Welsh

Student Congratulations certificates - Welsh

Certificates to award to the pupils whose floating gardens have supported the most weight.

Student certificates well done - Welsh

Certificates for pupils who've taken part in the floating garden challenge.

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