Energy projects

Energy is fundamental to reducing poverty. Each year, we help around 200,000 people get access to modern, sustainable energy services.

Recent energy projects

Renewable Energy for Refugees (RE4R)

The problem Communities need energy to power their businesses, schools and hospitals. Parents need it for earning an income, and for cooking and refrigerating food. And, as daylight fades, children need it for safety, studying, and playing with family and friends. Yet, worl...

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MEGA Malawi

The Mulanje Electricity Generation Authority micro-hydro project in Malawi is a sustainable and ambitious social enterprise - aiming to tackle the dual challenges of sustainability and scale.

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Micro-hydro for irrigation in Himalaya, Zimbabwe

In the mountains of the Mutare District of Zimbabwe, Practical Action are implementing a four-year Rural Sustainable Energy Development project, which uses micro hydro for irrigation.

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Moving Energy Initiative

Practical Action Consulting is working on the Moving Energy Initiative (MEI), an innovative project that seeks to meet the energy needs of displaced people in a safe, sustainable manner, developing solutions for heating/cooling, cooking, lighting, electrification and water and sanitation.

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Energising Sustainable Rural Livelihood (ESRL)

The project aims to ensure sustainability of Micro-Hydro Plants (MHPs) through increased energy utilisation by enterprises that enhanced rural livelihoods with the use of PMSD approach.

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Sustainable Micro-Hydro through Energising Rural Enterprises and Livelihood (SMRE)

Lack of electricity can be detrimental to people's lives because energy is essential to community facilities such as schools and health centres. In rural parts of Nepal and India such as Dhaulagiri and Gram Vikas, Practical Action has already installed micro-hydro plants. This project will focus ...

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Community-managed energy service for vegetable market-chain (CEVeM)

In rural parts of Nepal, the lack of a reliable energy supply means many farmers have no access to the water necessary for growing vegetables in the dry season. With this two-year project funded by Wisions, we aim to increase production and quality of vegetables by demonstrating viability of an i...

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Reducing indoor smoke in Nepal

This four-year project in central Nepal will help families get a complete package of a specifically designed smoke-hood and improved stove running off locally-available ‘biomass’ – firewood, crop residue or animal dung.

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Sustainable Energy for Rural Communities

Sustainable Energy for Rural Communities (SE4RC) is helping families survive future droughts, put food on their tables and sell surplus crops to earn a living. We are achieving this by connecting irrigation schemes to solar-powered mini-grids.

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Our consultancy arm, Practical Action Consulting, allows us to disseminate our learning across a much wider area and reach more people, assisting the delivery of sustainable energy access for poor people in developing countries around the world.

Consulting energy projects and experience

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