Sustainable engineering

...resources to integrate sustainability issues into the teaching of engineering and other subjects

This suite of materials has been developed in collaboration with the Royal Academy of Engineering to support teaching and learning for the 14-19 engineering diploma.

Learners studying the engineering diploma at all levels need to be able to describe and evaluate the impact of engineering on the environment and the depletion of the world's resources. It is also necessary for learners to have an understanding of the concept of sustainability and measures for reducing the impact of engineering activities on the environment.

Engineering has an important role to play in finding alternatives to carbon-based energy and addressing the depletion of the world's raw materials.  Engineers will be central to the development of a sustainable future.

Guidance for Professional Engineers

You may like to look at the UK Engineering Council's leaflet - Guidance on SustainabilityThis outlines the role of professional engineers in sustainabiltiy and lists six principles to guide them in making decisions. To obtain wallet size cards of the principals email

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