Early warning systems in Nepal

Strengthening the capacity of communities to manage early warning systems to reduce the impacts of floods

Archive content: please note, this page refers to historic work. Read about our current work in disaster risk reduction in Nepal.

Bhandara early warning towerNepal ranks as one of the most naturally risk prone areas in the world. Affected by flood, earthquake and landslide particularly, the consequences of inaction in regards to investment in disaster mitigation is obvious throughout the country.

Practical Action has been working in disaster mitigation in Nepal since 2001 and since March 2006 has resumed its partnership with the European Community's DIPECHO programme, through its Third Action Plan for South Asia.

Through DIPECHO's support, Practical Action is working in a number of areas:-

These web pages aim to take you on a pictorial walk through some of the key aspects and components of the project with links to more detailed documents where it's been thought more technical information might be of use or interest.


Early Warning Saving Lives
This publication helps summarise Practical Action's learning in Early Warning Systems (EWS) and offers practical insight in to how such systems can be replicated and developed elsewhere.

Read more about Practical Action Nepal's work in Disaster risk reduction and climate change

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