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Drawing from over four decades of national, regional and global experiences in different and varied contexts, Practical Action Consulting (India) private limited provides professional and independent consulting and advisory services in the area of technology solutions for poverty reduction to Government organizations, donors, international organizations, NGOs, private sector and others.

PAC India Team, working closely with its international team of climate change experts from across the regional and country offices (Latin America, Africa and South Asia  with head office in United Kingdom) deliver professional services of the highest standards in

  • Climate change adaptation
  • Climate resilient development
  • Climate smart agriculture
  • Energy access for the poor
  • Integrated urban development
  • Water and sanitation
  • Business and market development
  • Agro-porocessing and food security, and
  • Disaster risk mitigation

Our professional services include technical assistance, advisory services, policy and strategy development, project cycle management, research, analysis and assessment, training, capacity building and institutional development.

Climate Change and DRR: PAC assists governments, donors and development practitioners to identify climate change impacts and risks and develop appropriate adaptation and disaster risk reduction strategies. We work at different levels including at the interface of policies, science/research and practices, to secure lives, reduce and manage risks and adapt lives and livelihoods to meet the different challenges of climate variability and climate change. As a part of our wider portfolio for  establishing community based early warning systems  and  disaster preparedness,  we have been  holding  trainings on Emergency Market Mapping and Analysis    (EMMA) which helps relief agencies assess and understand market-systems in disaster zones   and enables smarter use of local economic capabilities to improve humanitarian responses.

Climate Change and Agriculture: PAC India has a dedicated Agriculture and Climate Change team which possesses expertise in Climate Smart Agriculture, Market and Supply Chain strengthening, Small Scale Agriculture and Food Security, specifically dealing in training and capacity building of farmers and systemic understanding of the market systems and value chain to play the role of market development facilitators.

Energy: We have expertise in clean energy technologies, small-scale renewables and rural electrification. The team works for delivery of pro-poor household, commercial and institutional energy options  for cooking, lighting and other energy needs, specializing in  technology assessments, feasibility studies, piloting and training in small-scale energy options for urban and rural contexts (solar, wind, micro-/mini-hydro, biomass, biogas, and biofuels).

Water and Sanitation: Through Experts, we work towards appropriate technologies for sustainable WATSAN and waste management demonstrated   in slums, along with improving the access to safe drinking water, and better sanitation facilities.

CSR Advisory portfolio management: PAC India is developing strategic partnerships for programmers in thematic areas in collaboration with the corporate sector. The focus of this service is on adding value through the entire project life-cycle with an engagement model that is highly customized to a company’s requirements. Our life-cycle engagement approach starts from identifying a company’s need in CSR through conducting needs assessment, conceptualizing the projects, identifying partners, developing M&E and performance matrices, designing the exit and leverage strategies and so on.  In addition, we assist companies design inclusive business and base of the pyramid hybrid enterprise solutions. Throughout our engagement, we remain closely connected with our clients and their implementation partners to ensure returns that justify their triple bottom-line.

Impact Investment through ACRE Fund: Through our engagement in Acre Fund as an alliance member, PAC’s mission is to change the way the world addresses poverty by investing in companies, leaders, and ideas that are base of pyramid centric. Through Acre Fund, we facilitate investments in business models that deliver critical goods and services to the world's poor by improving access, availability and affordability and thus improve the quality of life of millions of poor.

Market System Development : PAC India employs Practical Action’s tried and tested approaches in  Participatory Markets System Development (PMSD)  which brings together the best of our organizational values and experiences, mainly around participation, facilitation and ap¬propriate technologies, with the best of the Value Chain Development and Mak¬ing Markets Work for the Poor (M4P) ap¬proaches.

Policy: As part of its policy influencing initiative, PAC implemented - The Think Tank Initiative (TTI) with few Indian institutions, dedicated to strengthening the capacity of independent policy research organizations. 

Knowledge Dissemination: Practical Answers is the knowledge sharing service of Practical Action which facilitates knowledge sharing with and among the poor people aiming to contribute to their improved livelihoods. In India it is partnering with READ and OSVSWA in India and other like-minded organizations to widen the knowledge sector and better reach the target groups. It is a free service that primarily focuses on production, preparation and dissemination of knowledge products relevant to the community. The knowledge products are prepared in simple and local language in an appropriate format and is disseminated using a variety of channels facilitating communities to use such knowledge.

KR Viswanathan, International Climate Adaptation Specialist

Vish joined Practical Action Consulting in 2014. He is part of the global group on climate change in PAC and has a lead in climate change adaptation and climate resilient agriculture, while being based in New Delhi. He has over thirty years of professional experience covering a wide range of themes and sectors, of which ten years of engagement in climate change adaptation, climate resilient agriculture, disaster risk reduction and green growth. He comes with a mix of proven conceptual, technical, administrative, management and financial skills and expertise with experiences in facilitating collaborative teams and cross cultural networks. Previously, he has been working in senior thematic and management positions in the Governments of India and Switzerland. Vish professional background involves a degree in Veterinary Medicine/ Sciences with post-graduation in Microbiology. He also has a post graduate degree in business management and research and development experiences in Defence. He has been conferred with the decoration of Vishisht Seva Medal (VSM) by the President of India in 1985 for exceptional services rendered while in the Armed Forces.

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