Practical Action Consulting: Our expertise

Practical Action Consulting is the consulting arm of Practical Action, an international development agency working with poor communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America to help them choose and use technology to improve their lives. Founded in 1966, Practical Action is a leader in the sector of technology and poverty reduction.

As the consulting arm of the organisation, we apply lessons learned from grassroots experience to technology solutions in poor communities around the world. Our consultancy work focuses on improving access to essential basic services, and enabling sustainable livelihoods for poor and isolated communities in rural and urban locations.

The expertise we offer includes:

  •     Programme and project design and management
  •     Institutional and organisational development
  •     Training and capacity building
  •     Policy and strategy development
  •     Market analysis and participatory approaches
  •     Product development
  •     Technology assessment and feasibility studies

PAC works with clients and partners to deliver projects in the following sectors:

Agriculture and Food Security

Agriculture is the cornerstone of most developing countries' economies. Unfortunately, agriculture alone is no longer able to provide a reliable livelihood for the growing populations in these countries. Alternative or additional income generating opportunities are needed to support th...

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Climate Change Adaptation

Practical Action Consulting (PAC) draws on more than 40 years of experience working with the world's poorest people, helping communities build on their skills and knowledge to assist them in developing more secure lives, helping them to reduce and manage the risks they face, and helping th...

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Disaster Risk Reduction

Details of Practical Action Consulting's Disaster Rist Reduction work and key projects.

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PAC's goal is to assist delivery of sustainable energy access for poor people in developing countries. Explore our recent experience delivering energy projects.

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Knowledge and Communications

PAC works in the field of knowledge and communications through a range of projects and initiatives. Experience includes knowledge sharing platforms, social campaigns, interactive toolkits and strategies for policy making impact. We are able to draw on over 40 years’ of experience, k...

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Households use markets for acquiring food, essential everyday items such as charcoal and for selling products and labour to others. Markets have the potential to connect marginalised producers to valuable commercial and social relations, and also a broad network of technologies, experiences an...

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