Sustainable agriculture

800 million people remain undernourished, and one in nine goes to bed hungry. In developing countries, almost 80% of food is produced by smallholders struggling to adapt to climate change. Most agricultural innovation focusses on quick impacts, new varieties and genetic modifications, which are unaffordable for smallholder farmers. We need approaches that combine traditional methods with advances in technology and science.

Practical Action Consulting works in the following areas to promote solutions to agro-processing technology problems:

  • Rural communities
  • Rural trader support and development
  • Small processor development
  • Smallholder commodity diversification

Our flagship sustainable agriculture project

From Vulnerability to Resilience

The V2R+ Project of Bangladesh is a part of Zurich Insurance Group’s Global Flood Resilience Programme. It aims to improve the resilience of 60,000 flood-vulnerable households in two districts of Bangladesh.

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