Agriculture and Food Security

Agriculture is the cornerstone of most developing countries' economies. Unfortunately, agriculture alone is no longer able to provide a reliable livelihood for the growing populations in these countries.

Alternative or additional income generating opportunities are needed to support the millions of poor families who can no longer support their livelihoods from the land alone.

Agro processing - turning primary agricultural products into other commodities for market - has the potential to provide those opportunities.

Practical Action's agro processing projects aim to increase income and access to food for the poor, by establishing small-scale, appropriate and sustainable processing businesses that are flexible, require little capital investment and can be carried out in the home without the need for sophisticated or expensive equipment.

Practical Action Consulting works in the following areas to promote solutions to agro-processing technology problems:

  • Rural communities
  • Rural trader support and development
  • Small processor development
  • Smallholder commodity diversification

See an example of our projects in this thematic area: click here

Our regional hub for Agriculture and Food Security is located in our Southern Africa office

Address: Ludlow rd Newlands, Harare, Zimbabwe

Tel: +263 4776 6313

Contact: Clement Kalonga - Regional Co-ordinator Southern Africa


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