Climate change in education

Engaging the next generation

Climate change is now universally accepted as the biggest threat to our world.  How the next generation tackle the challenge posed by climate change is vital to the survival of us all.  Practical Action is particularly concerned with how the next generation can influence the impact of climate change on people in developing countries who contribute the least to it but are affected the most by it.

We produce a wide range of teaching resources for schools in the UK that fit with the curriculum, and climate change underpins much of that work.  We not only help students understand how climate change effects those in the developing word, but the important role they themselves play in the what will happen in the future.  How their own behaviour and the choices they make both as comsumers and the next generation of  designers, scientists and engineers has an impact.

Our resources are well used  teachers and other educators.  Over 5,000 teachers a month come to our website to download our resources and use in their teaching. 

Climate Change

Our climate change teaching resources are suitable for KS 2 - 5 ( ages 7- 18) . They include challenges, posters, a website for KS2, complete lessons, homework or extension activities.

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Climate change images

Images showing the effects of climate change and climate change adaptation in developing countries.

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Sustainable Design & Technology education resources

Design and Technology resources for schools - everything you need to deal with sustainability issues in D&T in one easy to use place.

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Sustainable engineering

Innovative resources which integrate sustainability issues into the teaching of engineering

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