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For over fifty years, forward-thinking people like you have supported a radically different approach to global poverty that’s anything but normal. We’re so happy to have you with us on our journey. Because now, more than ever, the world is listening.

We’ve always focused on the fundamentals of life, without which people are unable to reach their potential. Basics like having the ability to farm and grow enough food to eat, having clean water and sanitation for health, being able to withstand disasters like floods or droughts, and having access to affordable energy to earn a decent living.

Each of these fundamental human needs is becoming more difficult for many people living in poverty to achieve. Climate change and the global pandemic are underlining their existing vulnerabilities in the most direct and devastating way.

Ingenious, community-powered projects. Small scale and planet-friendly solutions. In these turbulent times, our unconventional approaches are more relevant than they’ve ever been.

With your help, we’re confidently taking on these challenges and creating big change that’s anything but normal. Thank you.

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2M people

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We provided technical and specialist expertise in

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250,000 innovators

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96% of the world’s countries