Rapid assessment of fish market system consultancy, Kenya

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Rationale for the assessment

The rapid assessment of fish market sub sector is intended to establish a robust account of the current situation within the lake basin region.
The assessment will focus on the following:

1. Who are the stakeholders involved in the fish value chain and what is their role?
2. What products are derived from fish
3. Details on different production methods (ponds, cages, direct fishing etc.) including:

a. Capital requirements,
b. Volumes produced,
c. Pros and cons of each method
d. What is the production cycle for fish?

4. Enabling/disenabling environment for market actors in the fish value chain

a. What regulations exist
b. Which are the regulatory bodies
c. What is the nature of the market, is it structured?
d. Who determines the price of fish and fish products?
e. What are the consumer preferences (e.g. type of fish, method of production)?
f. What socio-cultural norms exist in the fish value chain?
g. What are the gender roles in the fish value chain?

5. What supporting services exist in the fish market value chain (e.g. finance, extension, storage, transportation, feeds, fingerlings etc.)
6. Return on investment (how long does it take to break even in fish business, how fast?)
7. Who are the major buyers/off takers for fish and fish products locally?
8. What opportunities exist in the fish value chain especially for youth
9. Challenges faced by market actors in the fish value chain.
10. What deters youth from engaging in the fish market system?
11. Provide key recommendation on how to transform the fish subsector to create opportunities for youths

Consultant(s) requirements

This assessment should be undertaken by a senior consultant who has the range of skills and experience in order to deliver insightful findings. The consultant and team should be experienced in gender sensitive data collection techniques, and have the ability to lead the data collection team. It is expected that the consultant will have the following qualifications and experience:

  • Extensive and demonstrated experience in designing, facilitating and coordinating rapid assessments in the development sector by non-governmental and donor (bi-lateral and multilateral agencies);
  • Over 7 years’ experience in youth economic empowerment sector with a focus on agriculture or an understanding of youth issues/youth based programming
  • Extensive and demonstrated experience in the use of mixed methods approaches (integrating quantitative and qualitative data);
  • Holds an MSc or MA (preferably PhD) in agriculture, fisheries, rural economic development or related field.
  • Extensive experience in the field of fisheries/aqua culture.
  • Experience in market systems development/value chain development
  • Demonstrated ability to lead and coordinate a multi-disciplinary team. Excellent communication skills – both interpersonal and written. Example reports will be requested.
  • For a detailed Terms of Reference of the assignment please visit: Supporting documents section.

How to apply

A consulting entity that meets the above requirements and is available within the time limit indicated above should submit the following:

  • Proposal and capability statement with clear methodological approach (technical proposal) – Maximum 7 pages
  • Detailed financial proposal in Kenyan Shillings: If the team consists of several members, the professional fees should not be a mere daily rate, but it should be based on clearly shown time allocation by each member of the team to the various evaluation activities.
  • Evidence of experience in similar work. (attach 2 recent reports of similar work)
  • Annexed to the proposal should be CVs of the team outlining previous experiences and accomplishment.

Complete proposals shall be submitted via email to recruitment@practicalaction.or.ke with subject line “Rapid Assessment for Fish Market system’’ so as to reach Practical Action on or before 13th June, 2021.

At Practical Action, we treat all applications for employment on their merits and do not take into consideration any factors that are not relevant to the job such as disability, race, age, religion, gender, gender reassignment or sexual orientation.

We are committed to safeguarding and protecting children and vulnerable adults and as such candidates will be subject to pre-employment checks.

The successful applicant must have the pre-existing right to both live and work in Kenya.