Clean Cooking Association Of Kenya (CCAK) Strategic Plan Review & Development Consultant

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Practical Action and Clean Cooking Association of Kenya entered into a collaboration agreement where Practical Action will support CCAK to finance development of its strategic plan 2023- 2028.

Clean Cooking Association of Kenya (CCAK) is a not-for-profit, business membership organization with members from both the private and public sectors. It represents the interests of members and stakeholders engaged in providing cleaner and more efficient cooking solutions in Kenya. CCAK is the sector champion influencing an enabling policy and market environment as well as developing the capacity of its members and other stakeholders in supporting the transition to universal adoption of clean and efficient cooking solutions in Kenya. The association works with both the national and county governments, the private sector, and development partners to foster the growth of the clean cooking sector.  Since its formation in 2012, CCAK has championed and advocated for the adoption of clean cooking solutions in addition to lobbying for a favourable enabling environment for the clean cooking sector.

The current CCAK strategic plan which was developed during the implementation of the Kenya Country Action Plan presented the aspirations and key drivers of the vision for the period 2018 to 2022. It aimed to review the current setup and put in place measures that would propel the growth of the clean cooking sector and its players and increase uptake of clean cooking fuels and technologies and see the specific agenda gain prominence as well as identify gaps, opportunities, and mitigation processes in the realization of the CCAK mandate. The strategic plan guided CCAK’s strategic focus and responded to the dynamics of environmental concerns whereby clean cooking is a pathway for achieving sustainable energy supply and use.

With the rebranding from the Clean Cookstoves Association of Kenya to the Clean Cooking Association of Kenya, the change increased the Membership base and made CCAK the voice of the clean cooking sector in a potent sustainable energy agenda-setting environment through measures proposed in the plan which enable CCAK to achieve several milestones in the three main objectives.

  • Objective 1: To Strengthen partners’ collective concerns on issues of clean cookstoves and fuels for the creation of appropriate policies, implementation strategies and regulatory frameworks.
  • Objective 2: To Facilitate the transfer of local and global knowledge and skills on clean cookstoves and fuels to Kenyan stakeholders.
  • Objective 3: To enhance demand, strengthen supply and create an enabling environment for the clean cookstoves and fuels market.


CCAK will review and revise the 2018-2022 strategy, based on research on evolving member needs, external and internal environment audits, KPI analysis, and sustainability analysis. These analyses will enable CCAK to restate key objectives and make the necessary revisions for the 2023-2028 strategy. CCAK will update its Theory of change (TOC) for the 2023-2028 strategy to ensure alignment of the TOC with the goals, outcomes, or problems that we are trying to address in the activities and reflect on and learn from evidence and experience to date to inform adaptation, innovation, and improvement in activity implementation and management. To effectively monitor our progress on the implementation of the strategy, CCAK will put in place a comprehensive Monitoring & Evaluation Framework for the association. The new strategic plan will be anchored on key thematic pillars of CCAK and/or revised ones drawing insights from the National strategies developed or under development, under which it can expand its impact and influence to meet the changing needs of the world today and over the next 5 years.

The current pillars are;

  • Representation and advocacy
  • Membership and member-oriented services
  • Standards and technical issues
  • Knowledge and information management
  • Institutional Strengthening and Resourcing


Objective of the assignment

The main objectives of this consultancy are as follows:

  • Review the existing CCAK strategic Plan (including existing business plan & corporate governance manuals)
  • Review the vision, mission, and existing strategic pillars based on research on evolving member needs, external and internal environment audits, KPI analysis, and sustainability analysis.
  • Review and update the Theory of change (TOC) and a resource mobilization plan for the 2023-2028 strategy.
  • Propose a strategy for achieving the strategic objectives and key results based on the cooking national strategies developed/under development.
  • Develop a monitoring framework for the next 5 years to include a dashboard/tracker/scorecard for CCAK activities.
  • Hold a membership validation workshop to validate the new Strategic Plan.
  • Finalize Strategic plan and submit to CCAK.




A detailed Terms of Reference can be accessed from the download section.

Interested consulting entities that have capacity to deliver this TOR are invited to submit a complete proposal to [email protected] copy to [email protected]

with subject line “CCAK Strategic Plan Review & Development” to reach Practical Action on or before 29th September 2023.

Qualified firms and consultants are required to submit separately, a technical and financial proposal that includes the following:

Technical Proposal

  • Qualification and experience of the consultant and the team to carry out the tasks if available.
  • The understanding of the assignment, demonstrating background knowledge
  • Proposed approach and methodology to undertake this assignment, highlighting how the applicant will address the needs of this ToR
  • Previous experience in a similar assignment(s).
  • Detailed activity work plan with a proposal of days.

Financial proposal

  • Total budget (Kshs) aligned to the work plan and days proposed.
  • Copy of PIN Certificate for individual expert
  • Copy of valid Tax Compliance Certificate


Practical Action is an equal opportunities employer, and we encourage applications from under-represented groups.  We stay committed to cultivating an inclusive and diverse working environment and believe that people from different backgrounds or cultures give us different perspectives, and the more perspectives we have, the more successful we will be. By building a culture where everyone feels heard, respected, and valued we give everyone working with us the opportunity to achieve their full potential.


We are committed to safeguarding and protecting children and vulnerable adults and as such candidates will be subject to pre-contracting checks.


The successful applicant must have the pre-existing right to both live and work in Kenya.