Practical Action Area Coordinator

Working in the Kassala office











Tell us about your role at Practical Action
I am Area Coordinator for Eastern Sudan office, based in Kassala, responsible for overall management and coordination of all projects activities in the region. I joined Practical Action in January 2018.

What motivates you?
What motivates me is the nature of Practical Action’s interventions that are built on addressing problems through community engagements and participation using participatory planning approaches on prioritising the different needs. This has made numerous improvements in the quality of people’s lives who live in an extreme environment and lack of basic services and needs. This has also made me feel proud of what I am doing and continue making difference.

What are you most passionate about?
I am actually very passionate about the inspirational leadership and building teams and always strive forward towards creating a better working environment for staff and partners that would positively contribute for better outcomes.

What is the best thing to happen since you joined Practical Action?
One of the best things that happened during the first three months of my work with Practical Action is that, in collaboration with the funds raising team in Khartoum we managed to get two new projects totalling to almost 2 million USD from SHF (Sudan Humanitarian Fund) for Eastern Sudan. This has provided opportunity to continue making difference in the lives of the needy people of Talkuk locality in Kassala state.

Tell us in brief about a recent project you’re working on
I have recently been involved in the management of a DFID funded project named ‘Sustainable access to water, and improved sanitation and hygiene behaviour in Kassala state’. The project targets the vulnerable and affected people and it contributes to the development and application of integrated water resources management approach through managing water resources in an integrated manner within the rural catchment areas in a manner that ensures ownership by the resident and (semi-)nomadic communities, local authorities and other relevant stakeholders. It is based on a sound technical understanding of the catchment water balance and together with the improved access to sanitation and hygiene, improved access to safe drinking water will contribute to an improved health status and improved general well-being of the targeted population.

Can you share with us some of the lessons learned from the project?
One of the key project’s issues is that, the intervention area experiences a serious lack of rains and water scarcity which requires careful studies and technical analysis on water balances for enhancing ground water recharge. In order to maximise the benefits from sharing lessons several exchange visits have been done with similar interventions within Sudan as a part of this project.

What are your personal goals?
My personal goal is that, I shall continue being a humanitarian worker moving forward in the leadership role as a young leader until I reach a satisfaction level of what I have done for the needy and deprived people.

What are your hobbies and interests? What do you do in your free time?
I like music very much. I formally learnt music in a musical institution. I feel that I am a good pianist; additionally, I am a good footballer having had the opportunity to play in one of the best football clubs in Wad Madani, the second largest city in Sudan after Khartoum. Now I spend most of my time after work watching football on TV.