Paradise lost?

My last night in Zimbabwe – what from the visit will stick in my mind?

  • My surprise at Harare and how different it was from my expectations – in many ways it is very beautiful
  • Kids jumping in front of my camera whenever I went to take a photo – laughing and joking about
  • People’s stories of how bad the situation was last year in the midst of economic turmoil and the cholera epidemic
  • The consistent message that we have to look forward not back

I will also remember names – Breakfast, Dulux, Tryhard, Happiness. I will remember people working ceaselessly to make their communities better, to access clean water, to bring electricity to their schools, to grow food, look after their animals and above all care for their families. I will remember the bravery of the nurses who tackled and won the battle against cholera last year and linked to that our work on water and decent loos.

I will take with me memories of inspirational people – staff, our partners and the communities we support.

I will take laughter – there have been lots of things that made me smile. I will take saddness at some of the poverty I have seen.

And I will remember Shepherd’s words that Practical Action has brought joy.

I have enjoyed writing my blog – I will miss that too. Thank you for reading!


2 responses to “Paradise lost?”

  1. Francis Oeser Says:

    Margaret says (in her last day report) “Look forward”. What everyone must look forward to is governments joining NGO’s such as PA in providing education, health, housing leisure, work, and hope to ALL citizens, NOT secreting money away for private use, NOT abusing trust and hope by beatings and intimidation (not being a typical government!).
    What impresses me too in Africa, is the simple pleasures with which the very poor live. Inspite of privations, people are responsive, wanting a better future, wanting to “look forward” to a better future. We owe it to them to find a practicable way.
    It seems to me the recourses are there. We only (!!) need a change of heart and a lot of transparent organising. It’s simple really: take greed power and secrecy away and get on with it. (Yes, mp’s can fly).

  2. Lauren Says:

    You enjoyed writing your blog and I enjoyed reading it! Thanks for sharing.

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